The Pentagon Of Power

State / Mindset Creation & Mastery Made Simple

The Pentagon Of Power:

Ever find yourself on one of those less than optimal states, maybe anger, frustration or an all out lack of motivation and wish you had the tools to change it? Well, my friend - wish no more! In this mini course I'm going to share with you the exact simple easy and fun system to make a mindset shift at lightening speed, all within 39 minutes!

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Jamie Adamchuk - UE Coaching
Jamie Adamchuk - UE Coaching

Passion is what lives within each and every cell in my body and passion is what brings me to this place here today. My name is Jamie Adamchuk and I'm an Internationally Licensed NLP Master Practitioner, A former Tony Robbins Master Platinum Coach and Business Results Trainer, A Certified Professional Coach, A Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor, and a Business Performance Trainer.

I've had the incredible fortune to work with so many outstanding people over the entire globe, over many years, and without fail, one thing continuously stuck out.

Those people, regardless of wealth or status, who had a rock solid system for both setting and achieving their goals were significantly happier and more fulfilled both in their personal lives and in their businesses.

The decision to be here and share these specific strategies with you was an easy one for me, as I'm constantly and continuously looking for ways to help people, just like yourself, easily and effortlessly close the gap from where you now are, to where you know that you absolutely deserve to be.


  • The Pentagon Of Power
  • What a state (or mindset) is
  • Identify the 5 areas to Master your Mindset
  • The impact our Center of Attention has on our overall State
  • Why and HOW "Bustin' A Move" really does have an impact (and it's a BIG ONE!)
  • What it means to become a MASTER of Your Mindset

Course Curriculum

  The Pentagon Of Power
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Mindset Matters Most™ and when you have the right one, all that used to hold you back becomes only a small bump in the road. Mastering your mind is the most critical step, even before laying out and defining the life and business of your dreams. Go ahead and create your very own unstoppable and unshakeable mindset by clicking the button now!

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